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Hello Everyone, I know builders inventions is devoted tocosturuction industry inventions. I have several , but for some reason I haven,t focused on them lately. I have an invention that is safety related and i believe it is worthy of trying to push to marketing. If you or anyone in your family enjoys riding bicycles please take a look at this safety product. All i am asking for is your honest opinion. After viewing this idea,if you feel it is useful and would improve safety ,please cast your vote. Plasese tell any bike enthusiasts that you know to please take a look.If we all work together , hopeflly bicyclist will ride in a safer environment. Please go to quirky socail developement and scroll under ideas to see the bicyclebuddy. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.

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where is the link?

Mike said:

where is the link?

been busy have to get back .thank you.

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