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Dust Free, Meshless Drywall and Wall Sanding with Super Abrasives is Here!

Hello All,

I always hated the dust made sanding walls, and decided to do something about it. It took 7 years to get the patent, and have brought it into production here in SE PA. We're Clean Tech, USA Made, and are at

The performance really is dust free and you can see it in use on our site.  The new Super Abrasives take it to a whole new level. We also have Hook & Loop Bases and Super Abrasive Pads, for broad use range. With one of our Extension Hoses, the dust leaves the building like Elvis! This approach eliminated over 60% of my job time, and gave me a raise. We've got OSHA cracking down on SIlica and Lead with a new Max Particulate Level of only 50 PPM, which is an amount you can't see, and fines up 82%. 

Can't wait to bring our our solution for curves which opens up auto, boat, and plane. We've got 3 models and I can't wait to test the Contractor's Pole Sander with the Hollow Extension Pole!

Got nowhere with the industry, probably since it doesn't need meshes! The Hyde Sander was on the 20 year plan. This is the only High Efficiency Sander under $40.

We have been awarded Top Consumer Innovation on the USA Innovation Marketplace Highest Score by NIST and DOC), Winner WCU Business Plan Competition. Have just been invited to Present at the Disruptive innovations Inventors Expo at Hart Senate Office Building on 3/14. Come see us there!

We were also invited to do As Seen on TV, by Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington, and the spots can be seen here: 

There's lots more on the story. Anyone want to talk performance?

Can anyone help us to get this product out to market or gain exposure?

We are looking for any means to scale to meet the challenges!


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