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I'm looking for someone that can buy my invention designs.

I'm looking for a construction company or person that would be interested in buying my invention design. I can make the prototype if I had the money. I don't have money .But I do have a product on the internet .I have a company that licensed it. They aren't doing there job in getting me my royalties. So I have to get a lawyer. 

My design has to do with drywall taping.The name of my invention is the Bull Nose Pump. And the Bull Nose Whip In Tool. The average time to put a 10 inch stick of bull nose is about 1min 30 sec. plus or minus. My invention will take the time down to 15 seconds plus or minus. 

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go into the site Harvey Reese Associates   or Money4ideasco. com he is the most honest man to work with

he charges $189.00 no need for any patent and he does all the rest if he likes it he will give you back your money and he will draw a contract

with you. nobody does that. look him up


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