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Does anybody know anything about Idea Design Studio?  I posted my invention to their online submission because their site said they were BBB accredited.  The guy calls back after the weekend and says that he is very interested in my tool and that he will send a CAD model and promo to his contacts for $2900.00.

But I am afraid that if I send money that will be all I will ever hear from these guys.  Am I paranoid?

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i checked them out thouroghly and could not find anything negative. but there sales team is to hi pressure for me.

No, you are not paranoid. Of course they are interested in your invention. It's potential work for them.

I don't know the Design Studio, but $2900 for a CAD model and promo is a lot of money. How many drawings do you need?  What do you need them for?  

Dont do it, they make their profit from you the inventor, they will make you a CAD of a stick if thats what you want, they want every inventor to think they have something special so you feel like you are privileged to send your work to them. That CAD model can be done for under $500 depending on the complexity and the promo is BS.

Talk to John Young on this site.

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