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 I was a remodeling contractor in Atlanta for 25 years and found that I needed a cement mixer for my tile jobs. After renting mixers, I found that they had several drawbacks. They were heavey, loud and had to be used outside because of the noise and air pollution.

 I invented, built a prototype and patented my own cement mixer. It is lightweight, very portable, it uses no motor or engine to operate and only has 4 parts. You can break it down or put it together without the use of any tools.

 I have used it on several of my jobsites and my friends that lay bricks and install sheetrock have used it in their professions. As I said, I have a prototype and a patent but I do not know a company that might be interested in talking to me about it. Can anyone help me  with this?

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You may want to contact Redi-Mix or any other manufacturer of bagged cement. They can sell the bags through their sales network. They could brand the tool with their logo….

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