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Hello. if you are in need of a manufacturer of injection molded parts, rubber or plastic, let me know.


My background is Disney Studios, so I can help you.

I have tools that could be manufacturers and than sold to buyers of distributors , my tools are ideas for new tools, and I would like to work with manufacturers that could built them and work out something.

let me know your procedure how you would work with me and how you would produce it. and if we could manufacture in large orders?

Jesse R. Cano


Hi Jesse,

   Since I was last on the page, I am no longer manufacturing. I am working with an engineer by the name of Bob Lane, and I am working with  builder by the name of Lee Barker. Contact me at:  818-284-1218


i am looking to partner/license or outright sell my patent to a tool manufacturer.

please see website and video.



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