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My name is Joe. I invented to new product for the painting industry: before the product was manufactured I had positive comments from Home Depot (met them at the annual PACE convention) Wooster, Purdy, Sherwin Williams, PPG Industries, and many others.


Now that the item is manufacture ready no one wants to buy it. The item is outstanding. I use it on all of my jobs as well as my helpers. In a nutshell as the trade mark states, "More time painting...less time cleaning." No more down time. Think of it fellas a contractor can now get all of his/her employees to work until quitting time. No more washing out of paint rollers near the end of the day. No more throwing productive dollars down the drain. Employees can now earn a "full" paycheck. And no more clients yelling at GC's because their property got trashed by painters.


My partner (investor) quit. He's not spending another penny because of non  product movement. He's allowing me to buy him out. I've been looking for a new investor/corp to parnter with me so I can license this product. Any suggestions?




Very Sincerely,



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For some reason contractors established in a trade do not accept change. I have the same problem with my LiftAlone. You have an awesome product and I wish you well with it. Have you tried contacting the franchise groups that sell painting franchises? People actually pay someone $50,000.00 to use their name to paint a house. Anyway you may be able to offer an exclusive use agreement. Do you have a patent?

Hey Mark,


What are painting franchises never heard of this? I know there are many painting firms. I do have a utility patent. I've been using the product. I still look at it in amazement. I just recently had a helper use it for a week without washing his roller nap. He kept chuckling, "can't believe the major retail outlets haven't picked this up yet!"


I think one of the biggest fears is that this product will stop selling roller naps. This is absurd. The project I just completed used 4 ea lambs wool naps at $10.00 apiece. That's expensive!!! I NEVER however once used a hose to clean out the roller. Even the home owner was amazed at the product. He has an untouched property of paint mess because of this product.


I'm all ears Mark! Lol! Thanks.



Why not contact Sherwin williams and othr large paint companies.  Make a picture of your product with their logo on it.  Offer your local Sherwin-Williams ( and others ) paint store some samples and see how they sell.  Make a short video of that.
I already have. Sherwin Williams was the first to turn me down without reason.
I already have. Sherwin Williams was the first to turn me down without reason.



You have a great product, don't give up. I like your web site but you are not selling there. What is the suggested price?

I have someone working on my site, SEO, and soon hope to increase traffic greatly. Are we neighbors? I live near Ft Myers. Maybe we could work together, after the drywall goes up it has to be painted.

Hey Mark.

I live in Miami Lakes. I'm going to Philly today. Tomorrow is Discovery Days with Lenfest. My product was chosen to be "pitched" like Shark Tank. Hopefully I'll pick up a licensing deal.

Good luck Joe,


Please let me know what happens.

Maybe  it  would  sale  better  in  a  kit  with  a  few  other  paint  supplies.Have  you  tried  directing  more  toward  home  handypeople,weekend  warriors.Are there  any  stores  ttht  will  rent  you  vendor  space?
Not down here where I am. Most of the paint stores are the retail giants. The smaller retail types don't want to deal with me either. I think it's just because of the way the economy is hurting so many right now.

The  people  in  and  around  construction  and  building  seem  to  get  the  worst  of  this  bad  economy.Hopefully  things  will  get  better  soon.

Thanks for the kind words Barry. Have a great weekend.



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