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My name is Joe. I invented to new product for the painting industry: before the product was manufactured I had positive comments from Home Depot (met them at the annual PACE convention) Wooster, Purdy, Sherwin Williams, PPG Industries, and many others.


Now that the item is manufacture ready no one wants to buy it. The item is outstanding. I use it on all of my jobs as well as my helpers. In a nutshell as the trade mark states, "More time painting...less time cleaning." No more down time. Think of it fellas a contractor can now get all of his/her employees to work until quitting time. No more washing out of paint rollers near the end of the day. No more throwing productive dollars down the drain. Employees can now earn a "full" paycheck. And no more clients yelling at GC's because their property got trashed by painters.


My partner (investor) quit. He's not spending another penny because of non  product movement. He's allowing me to buy him out. I've been looking for a new investor/corp to parnter with me so I can license this product. Any suggestions?




Very Sincerely,



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Were you able to get it on Shark Tank??

Hey Al,

Sorry this is late in response to you. I haven't tried. I don't know the process.

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