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     Well here's the deal... I have my patent in hand and have been solicited by a couple of Mrktg firms wanting considerable up front financing on my part ,to grt them engaged to start the process.  What is the best way to get this done safely? Seems to me that it's the" upfront" part that is risky for me and my bankroll.

      Have any of you out there been here and done this and can you shed some light on the subject ?

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Hello Russ,

sorry about the delay in responding. I'm mostly hands-off with this site and busy with other work. 

Marketing firms always tell you that your invention has potential and they will work with you to help you. That all costs money. 

Marketing is the biggest hurdle for inventors. I spent a lot of money with minimal results. 

I recommend that you check out the various members here and see if someone is on your wavelength. Then talk to that person directly.

How can you sell your invention?  Licensing is the safest way to go. Don't manufacture yourself unless you are really committed. It's a big risk. Be careful. Can you find a company that might license your invention?


What do you need.


talk to John Young on this iste.


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