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Is there anyway to extend a PPA of get a couple more months. My invention was shown publicly so I cant file a new PPA and now have to file a NPA or loose my IP rights. I need time for my tax return to pay for the NPA, my PPA is on its 11Th month, so I really need 1 more month extra.

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Hello Robert,

talk to John Young about this.


Yes there are a couple of ways. If you are waiting on money, you can go ahead and file your NPA { BUT } leave out some parts and don't send the payment. The USPTO will send you a letter to send back the missing parts and pay the fee. The letter takes a month to get to you and in the letter they give you 2 months to comply. This gives you 3 more months and it works because I thought of and tried it and it works.

Also the USPTO has a missing parts pilot program which gives you an extra 12 months on top of your PPA, but you do have to pay the NPA application fee but they delay the examination fee. Read about it here,


If you don't have the money yet for the fee use my strategy !

Are you sure this will work ? The attorney said their is no way to extend it !

Yes it will work and I did it, I had no choice and needed time to get funding so I had to think and try something. It worked ! Your attorney probably didn't know because it hasn't been done before or if its being done no one is telling about it. Just send in what you have and leave some things out and don't send money. later you can have your attorney do the rest of the NPA if you want it done by him or her. It will work !

That's an interesting way to deal with this challenge. Not too many people know of this.

Thanks Mike,

Now they do know ! and I will help how ever I can, and if I don't know the answers I will find them

mail your invention to yourself sir and never open it just hold on to it. If someone trys to steal it take then to court and give the judge the unopened letter with your specs to prove it is your and you had it since that date.

That is a myth and doesn't help protect IP, Don't rely on it !

Add something to it like a extra piece or design something a little different and file again for another 12 months. I'm not sure about it. correct me if I'm wrong. Good lock

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