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I would like to tell everyone quirky. they accept invention submissions on almost any type products.there is a $10.00 fee, but this is a fair price because you gain good exposure and feedback and the chance they may choose your product. they also sale many neat products recently brought to market.                       

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I watched the video. I like it.  That's an interesting approach to invention development and marketing.  Thanks for sharing that!

Quirky Manifesto from Quirky on Vimeo.

Quirky is good but showing an invention with out IP is publicly disclosing it. You have 1 year after showing it to file a PPA or NPA, if you dont file within1 year no one can patent it, it becomes public domain and is free for anyone taking. Just remember that ! 

Good point. Can you repost this in VIDEOS and in LEGAL PROTECTION discussions?

Quirky is interesting. I haven't tried it but I will keep it in mind.

I just submitted an idea to Quirky yesterday, in less than 24 hours, I got  152 views and out of them 115 votes.


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