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The reason rain gutters do not work every time it rains is NOT that the gutters are clogged.  The reason they don't work is that the outlets (hole in gutters at top of downspout) are TOO SMALL.  They clog easily and often.  Not Good! 

So we invented and sell The SpoutOff.  The SpoutOff (www.thespoutoff -- be sure to watch both videos) is a very large outlet that will not clog.  If the outlet in a rain gutter is clean and clear, water will always flow out of that gutter, even if there is debris in that gutter.  .  

Why?  Because water always follows the path of least resistance over, under and through any debris in the gutter.  When that water and debris reaches The SpoutOff outlet, because The SpoutOff outlet is so big and always clear, that water and debris will fall out of the gutter, down the downspout and away from the House or Building -- just as it is supposed to do.  

The SpoutOff is simply 4 new powder-coated 0.040 aluminum parts.  When The SpoutOff is installed with new gutters or retrofitted to present gutters, The SpoutOff ensures that those gutters will work every time it rains.  Very Good!  

Visit The SpoutOff website,, to see a unique, valuable product that will help all Homeowners and Building Owners ensure their gutters work every time it rains so that their Home or Building does not sustain water damage from rain gutters that do not work.  


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I like this. I'm sending the link to a few homeowner customers. I'll keep you posted.



I promise you will not be disappointed for 2 major reasons:  (1) You will be helping your Homeowners BIG TIME, and (2) The SpoutOff will increase your profit margin an all installations, New or Retrofit.  Thanks! 

Kevin Leahy   610-420-0378

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