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side mounted cargo racks save busy contractors and handy men time and money

  I have been a contractor for over 40 years and have always stayed busy enough to make a good living . Over the years i have come across problems that i have made my own stuff to solve it just like many of you guys do to. And if you think about it most guys can make anything to help you work smarter or easier . When i made my first cargo racks i made them just for me but as i would use them other guys would ask WHERE DID I GET THEM so for a while i made a few for some guys i knew and before i knew it i had made 20 -30 sets for others so i decided to patent them and start producing them . Now im starting to sell them on the internet and on craigslist and soon on amazon . The guys who have bought them keep giving me feed back about how easy they are to use and how much time the save when they use them . And almost everyone has said WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THAT OR  I THOUGHT OF THAT YEARS AGO BUT DIDNT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT . Check out my website to see this tool in action and how its starting to be well known with contractors who need a safe and easy way to haul large building materials . If you like what you see and want a set or two and mention BUILDERSINVENTIONS.ORG  i will take $ 20 off each set you buy . This product was made by a contractor for contractors  and its MADE IN AMERICA .  

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Hello Bryan,

Good idea.  BuildersInventions will soon change into an online catalog store that will allow you to sell your invention directly to your prime customer base; contractors.

The original BuildersInventions was a catalog site. However, it was an html website, which required the expensive services oaf a webmaster for every change. The store took orders, and then forwarded them to the member along with payment less commission.

The new proposed catalog site will feature your invention in detail. It will have a link to your website where the contractor can then purchase directly from you. You can set that up with PayPal.

The store will charge a nominal monthly fee for the service. BuildersInventions will be the go-to place.

Stay tuned,



 great thanks for the update please let me know about when new site will be up and running 

mike the new site is up and running

bryon bierman said:


 great thanks for the update please let me know about when new site will be up and running 


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