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The law will change in March of 2013 from first to invent to first to file, how can you beat it ? I will tell you.

The law will change in march form first to invent { meaning if the inventor could prove it was his idea the copy patent would be void } to first to file { meaning the first one to the patent office wins }.


Now more than ever its important to file a PPA or NPA as quickly as possible. But if you are like most inventors you may not have the funding to prepare either. So how do we beat the system designed to crush the independent inventor and benefit the large companies with unlimited funding.

Here is how, if public disclosure remains the same and it should, if your video is public and seen by one other than you, file a PPA or NPA one year after you make it public. You have 1 year from the time you make your invention public to file and 1 year after that of PPA protection if you choose not to file a NPA at that time.


So you say if I make it public everyone will see it and may copy it before I file or try to steal it. Here is how you get past that problem.


Make your video, post it on you tube and view it 5 or 6 times yourself, then change the video from public to private right after. Now you made a view count. Now no one will see it but if they google it they will see the name they googled but not be able to view your video. And there is a count of how many views it got, do 5 or 6 yourself to add up your count and then switch it to private viewing


Now what did this do ? It publicly disclosed your invention by law, but no one can see it. Now if during this time someone files an application after its posted and granted a patent because they got to the patent office first. You can show the patent office the you tube video that you switch back to public viewing that's dated and shows a view count and have the other patent voided.


NOW this does 2 things, it stops anyone from beating you to the office and shows proof it is your invention and was public disclosed and is considered prior art and prior art can NOT  be granted a patent  by anyone other than the inventor is he or she files within 1 year of the public disclosure.

If you do not file within 1 year of making it public for what ever reason it may be , funding, design change, or just not ready. You simply delete it as it never happened and file a new PPA .


Now is this illegal ? its a grey area not yet explored, technically you have publicly disclosed it because you made it public, but technically you haven't publicly disclosed because no one other than you saw it. So it will work ! either way you use this strategy you technically fulfilled the requirements under the law to use it any way you wish.


Is it tricky, yes, but we have to be smart to fight what is designed to crush us and not lay down before others because we don't have the funds yet to do it their way.


I will bow before no one and as a group of inventors we should bow to the system designed to destroy us, if we cant be stronger we must be smarter !!!!!!

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We have to be smart about all this. The big corporations have the advantage, except, that they are slow and cumbersome. We have to use this to our advantage.   Builders Inventions is an opportunity to develop a new strategy, a new way, a real alternative  to bring your invention to market.


I never seen a place like this, you post stuff Ive never seen anywhere or even heard of, you should be patent attorneys.

Glad you like it. This is a grass roots bootstrap group. It's designed for members to help each other.

Good Stuff guys ....

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