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What is the best thing to do after getting patent pending protection

I recently got patent pending protction on one of my inventions.I don,t have funds to hire a promotional company.I,ve  been pitching this invention to every and any company that I think might be interested.Does  anyone know an easier or better way.?

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depends on what it is, I am thinking construction so if it is start out by selling as many as you can!! there's a saying first to market, Get a youtube video of it , I sent a couple video's and started with the show cool tool's they are always looking for new tools and air thing's positively ,My Brother and I just went to Inpex Invention convention and showed it there and competed against people from all over the world and won best new tool in the construction division, I know your on a budget so if you think you have a great tool contact them early and ask them for a discount (don't hurt to ask).A picture may be worth a thousand word's but a video is best and youtube is FREE,If you are pitching it to big co. make them sign a confidential agreement, Good luck, hope to see your invention on the market soon!!!In conclusion, You can be the promotional company, nobody knows more about it than you!!

Have you gotten any help with your invention yet? i'm in the same boat

The invention i am focusing on at this time is not construction related , although i have several construction related in my book. I am still trying to market this invention . I have,nt hired proffesional help. Most of the companies that advertise for inventions are looking for that once in a decade product that sales millions. I would suggest try EDISON NATION . tHERE IS A FEE FOR EACH TIME YOU SUBMITT, but at least you know your invention is receing serios consideration. Alot of what i have done has been a waste of valuable time. good luck!

thanks barry, i'm checking out one more company called new product consuliting right now i will know by the end of the week if they are any cheaper then all of the other companies i have looked into. but yes, Edison Nation is at the top of my list. however my invention is for the construction biz so EN looks like its more for as seen on tv?   

Hi Jerry and Barry, If you are making a product you have to loosen the grip on it to get answer's , I have not yet gotten promotional figured out but I am selling my tool, I have met people who have gone fast and have spent ton's of money,

If this is something you believe in and think it is a great product then you should look into producing it your self, unless you can find someone you trust you could end up spending million's of dollar's and hiring a middle person, I have a tool I sell for 7.95 and I am finding it difficult to get it marketed , but i am on a budget, the tool has paid for itself in sales and is a great Item , I use it all the time, and am very happy with it, and I have over 650 positive feedback with no negative's on eBay, I could give you some input if I knew a little more about what it is you are making, the key to it being a success is affordability to make as opposed to the price you will sell it for, you have to be reasonable on the price the market will bear and the price it is worth to other people, not yourself. This economy is a tuff sell, but unless you have a lot of money you probably need to find a investor,

check Edison nation periodically. THEY CHANGE THE SEARCH COMPANIES EVERY 30 DAYS OR IN A CERTAIN TIME FRAME. Hopefully a company that will be interested in your invention will come up. Good Luck

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