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Designed Advantage Points:

1. In most cases never need to remove unit from body when loading or unloading unit, which reduces legs and back bending.

2, Allows hands free hauling for better balance and body control which allows user to carry more loads in difficult places.

3. Carrying comfort over rough terrain or climbing up and down a ladders or/and stairs ( safer).

4. Ideal for loading and unloading broken concrete, dirt, sand or gravel. Also great for picking up litter on the road side of the highway and on large grass areas such as parks and airports using a litter stick tool.

5. Performs like a back pack for easy traveling while carrying. Such as working in basement, tight areas or areas where a wheel barrel or 5 gallon buckets can’t perform well.

6. Loads heavy tools and/or equipment's for quick and easy load and go.

7. Carries more loads than a 5 gallon bucket, which gets the job done half the time by reducing the amount of back and fourth trips.

9.Good for loading loses grocery's from stores such as BJs Costco's, etc. & many more creative ways to use BSCB.

Designed Featured Points:

1. Unit is shaped, sized and constructed like a conventional large container. Sizes: 2x, 3x, 4x

2. BSCB features a secure opening and shut bottom, an extended handle, and straps attached to support brackets.

3. User has the option to load BSCB while on user back or on any elevated surface. Not recommended to fill heavy loads while unit on ground.

4. User has the option to unload debris while on user back or other items on any elevated surface. Also can be unloaded while on ground.

Additional Accessories: ( Sold separately)

1, Long Nose Half Tunnel Dust Pan ( design to keep dust away from face when emptying ).

2. Curved Angle Litter Stick

3. Short Tunnel Bent Shovel

4. Hooded Shoulder Vest

5. Dust Lid

6. Elastic Liner

Available for license or sell For more information please contact Keith at 914-879-5438 or

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