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Inventor Creates Wrenches With LED Lights

This from " target="_blank"">WIRED Online. The comments are interesting. because they show how an idea gets evaluated by people.

"Gone, at last, are the days of bribing your best friend with pizza and beer to hold your flashlight as you tinker (or fumble) with a wrench in the dark recesses of your car. Grab yourself a set of Hi Beam-Light Wrenches and you can use one hand to hold the wrench and the light, leaving your other hand free to hold anything else — including your beer.

San Diego gearhead and inventor Clifford Wright has come up with the brilliant idea of adding LEDs to wrenches, creating a tool that lets you see that damn bolt tucked up behind the starter. It’s one of those simple solutions to a frustrating problem we wish we’d thought of.

Wright, like many of us, finds joy tinkering in the garage and is familiar with the encumbrance of providing light in tight spaces. Necessity led to inspiration while working under his 1985 Ferrari 308, and he thought someone ought to find a solution.

“Why can’t I,” he thought. And so he did."

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Comment by Al Cruz on August 30, 2011 at 11:54pm
Very cool, wished I would have thought of it, with the way light's are evolving I know it can be real compact, case in point my light on my cell phone, 2 thumb's up!!


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