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Save your child’s life, save the planet then save yourself some money with a product that keeps giving back! Many children fall into harms way and sometimes even worse from open doors leading to traffic, pools, balconies etc. This could and should be avoided! It is our responsibility to take every measure to protect our children. My inexpensive products are simple to install and are ready to be put into action! WITH NO TOOLS.

I need your help! I've been creating and modeling Door Genie products on a fixed income and a body that has seen better days, but after 6 years of of development I am determined to make this work. I am confident that you'll agree, if my products save one child's life, it was worth the effort. I have invented a full line of door closing products to ensure a safer environment for children. These products also conserve energy and save you money while reducing greenhouse gases.

#1 The Door Genies are easy to install. You do not need any tools. It comes in 4 models and 2 designs, closing interior and exterior entry doors, sliding patio glass doors and sliding screen doors.

#2 The Sliding Door Genie requires modification and retooling to enable better functionality and diversification allowing it to be installed either exposed or concealed installation, minor field-testing will be required. After a production run 5 years ago, I have found there is definitely a market for these items. Your funding will make it possible for me to begin necessary advertising implement direct marketing and distribution,and hire help.

#3 The Swing Door Genie(our feature product) is incredibly important . Swing doors are the most common danger leading to outside traffic, stairs and utility rooms or other areas where danger is a highly probable. This means the potential sale opportunity for this product is attractive to retailers.

#4 I have also invented, in concept, currently being prototyped, a Door Genie Safety Catch that prevents children from unlocking doors and windows (CANNOT BE SHOWN YET)this is a must for everyone with children, and again no tools required

All funds will be used for additional copyrights, patents, final prototyping, and development of all 4 tools and field-testing. The funds will also help with samples, initial inventory and marketing which will allow me to move the product to chains . Please share this will your friends! We are bringing to products to market that can save lives, money and our environment. This cannot happen without your help! and it should be a concern for all.

I will gladly send each person a 1-3 Genies for every generous $20-$100 donation. . I realize this is an ambitious goal but these products are a necessity. Even if we do not hit my goal I will use the funds I receive wisely and make it work! Thank you so much. The videos below do not represent the finished designs ,we currently hold 5 patents ,two pending and 2 copyright and more to come. Thank you to everyone that has helped inclusive of the people loaned their homes for videos and testing.


Not Only Energy Savings

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