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newpics2%20046.JPGCRAIG.jpgnewpics2%20064.JPGtranset%20van.jpgtranset%20van.jpg   Our side mounted cargo racks have just been nominated for one of the best new and innovative tools of 2014 . . Today we were notified that our racks were one of 30 tools that were competing for most innovative  and most useful tools for 2014 by the tool manufactures guide magazine . They said we took a good idea and made it so everyone could use it and afford it . It makes hauling drywall plywood , doors and lumber as simple as 1-2-3 . These racks are simple and affordable , contractors all over are starting to use them for those everyday trips to home depot because they dont want to spend a lot of time picking up material . See just how much time side mounted cargo racks can save you visit our website at  on youtube  sidejob cargo racks  " the rack for you "  and " haul like a pro "     

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