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String Winding Multitask Machine | Idea Support

How Does it Work? Mr. Monestere has been designing and documenting this concept for quite some time.

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Mr. Tony has Solved Problem
on how to wind up Weed Eater String With Out it getting Tangle up Are come Und Wind In Your Hand Are Drop It Out Of Your Hand
This Machine Will Wind It The Right Way It's Not That This Machine Will Do Just Weed Eater String It will
just think about easy way to wind up weed eater string idea came to me with a light weight machine with a motor 
and shaft in the center and make the outer shaft shape to fit inside the weed eater spool and the motor turn the right speed and the right way
to wind up the string on the spool it not become tangled up are come unwind in your hand and not have it fall out your hand
this make easy fast way to wind grass weed eater string
because i had this problem  try to wind up weed eater string 
when i put my spool from weed eater on this machine turn the machine on saw how easy it was to wind up
this string i thought about how many people who in grass cutting business that used weed eater are in
landscaping business it not that this machine will do that just weed eater string it will also do rod reel
crochet yarn sewing machine bobbons small  automovtive electrical wire this machine can be used by any body
even in industrial plant
September 14,2014

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