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I have new elevation tools for residential and commercial applications. Their is a 3 or 4,5,6 step riser, or a basement lift, or theirs a work positioner, or a construction hoist. I have structurally engineered and designed two proto types Now I am looking for partners who want to contribute so I can get things licensed and marketed? Sorry no video at this time. If your interested lets talk?

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Hello Joseph,

have you investigated the market and identified your main competition? Have you considered licensing? Andrew Krauss of Inventright may be able to help you with that.


Hi Mike: Yes I have done a patent search through my patent agent, and everything is good to go. And as far as the completion goes I am the only one with this kind of rack and pinion design setup. And yes licensing is really the only way to go. 

Good idea.  I believe there's a market for that.

Yes indeed Mike I am totally convinced that their is a market out their. But I need believers and about 200 people that want to buy in to my design. If I were to sign 200 people up I would need around $3000 from each individual for costs associated with the project? Licensing would take a fair chunk of that, plus patent modifications, plus this would cover costs associated with getting a hoisting ticket, and a fall/arrest ticket and a safety ticket. And here's the catch, for everyone sold the seller would receive 60% of the sale and 80% of the installation costs. That's not bad for one's investment?
Mike said:

Good idea.  I believe there's a market for that.

You should look at kickstarter of that. check it out.

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