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All brands of traditional shovels, snow shovels and pitchforks designs are deficient of a vital safety feature, let me explain. Traditional shovels have remained virtually unchanged since they're invention and this is of no fault of any manufacturer or distributor. However this lack of innovative evolution may be detrimental to the users of the garden tool even when used properly, in fact it has historically caused back injury and death.

Inherent in shovels snow shovels and pitchforks is the risk of straining and injuring the lower back, shoulders, neck and cardiovascular system. This is especially demonstrated when resistance is present. The resistance may be in the form of sod, roots, rocks, ice etc.

I developed the concept of the "Majic Lift" while tilling my garden in the spring of 2015. When trying to break the resistance within the soil by lifting and exhausting myself, I thought how using a fulcrum and leverage would be advantageous to simplify and speed up the task. To accomplish this i bent 2 of the pitchfork prongs backwards creating a rough 90 degrees off the back of the pitchfork.

This worked perfectly! Immediately I went to the drawing board, created a sketch, made a hardware store shopping list, followed by making a prototype. I added to my prototype of the "Majic Lift" to have angle and leverage changing capability.

The "Majic Lift" has overcome the simple old design deficiency as related to modern medical knowledge, of traditional shovels, snow shovels and pitchforks utilizing the advantage of physics concepts. Prior to the addition of the Majic Lift", users risk injury and exhaustion with the primitive design of all traditional shovels, snow shovels and pitchforks.

The "Majic Lift" is truly a universal shovel/ pitchfork performance enhancing, safety attachment or tool handle feature with angle and leverage changing capacity. Simply attach to a shovel, snow shovel or pitchfork set the angle and your body will thank you.

Just think of the benefit of simply pressing down on the garden tool handle to loosen the resistance of sod, roots, rocks, ice etc. This eliminates the need to use force to break the resistance with the traditional lifting. Once the initial resistance is broken, the lifting using the legs is achievable without the associated straining and injury to the lower back, shoulders, neck and cardiovascular system. It reduces the amount of energy and time needed to do a task as well!

Now that the benefits of the "Majic Lift" are known why would anyone risk the injuries without the optimization of the "Majic Lift". The "Majic Lift" will be sought out by virtually every informed consumer. Present and future shovel, pitchfork owners will demand this feature. That translates to millions of units immediately sold!

If any manufacturer of any brand of primitive designed shovels, snow shovels and pitchforks wish to partner for production, please send an inquiry to the email address below.

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