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I have a totally eco-friendly wood stain that I believe could be easily added to an oil or water base finish.  My product is inexpensive to produce, works on paper, fabric, wood and concrete and can be used interiorly or exteriorly.  Does anyone have an idea of the best way to introduce a product into the architectural coatings companies?  The companies seem so big that it seems the right hand does not always know what the right hand is doing. 

It seems as if you have the ability to produce this stain on your own. Is this true? If so I would set up a demo display at a locally owned hardware store or a Woodworkers Depot. Do some demos at these stores and give away pint containers of it to gain feedback, or sell quarts of it a discount to gain interest as well.

Have you had any sales as of yet? 

Watch iventright on youtube ....  Many good hints on there but they are trying to sell a membership for $1647 a year. or you can buy his book for $13  It's called "one simple idea" .... i should've bought the audio version. A lot of fluff , but ; some good info. at the end.

 I have 2 products that I sell on the web and some on ebay  both are good products (tools)  and  im taking it slow so I can learn as I go and try to avoid making to many mistakes along the way . But what I can tell everyone is that going thru the big chain stores ( home depot - lowes ) is not always the best way for a new product inventor . These big chain stores will end up with most of the money and leave you wondering what just happened . One of them has contacted me with an offer and it looked great until I read all the fine print , I had a lawyer read it and explain it to me ( it took him a long time to go thru it $$$$) but in the end I walked away because I had to much risk and they would make over 60% of the profit with no risk to them. The money I would have made would have been good but I still had to do all the work . Im not saying you wont make money this way just that you must be careful when going that way , You don't see many tools or equipment from small companys in those stores ?? So I can if you take your time you can get people to buy your tools and products on the web just use a good marketing company . My tools can be seen on youtube at  sidejob cargo racks  " the rack for you  and " haul like a pro   and speedsand  sanding disc applicator

How long did it take to get your patent?

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