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How many times have you heard, "the studs on the wrong side of the line"? Too many if you've been in the trades for forty five years like me.

How inefficient, mundane, and tedious the common framing layout is for your highest paid employee, the layout guy.

AccuFrame On-Center can 100% eliminate stud misplacement, drive productivity with increasing quality control on site. A pre-printed template is the roadmap to faster more productive framing work onsite.

Printed on a rough construction ready substrate in mirror layout so one layout can be on both top and bottom plates when divided.  To apply to both layout plates the end user makes one simple fold  to mathematically arrange all common stud placements On-Center and staples on plates. Divide down between both top and bottom plate and your done.

Double line framing marks eliminate stud misplacement by new hires. Add a color Sharpie-pen for window and door information and you have produced a cost effective, color framing roadmap that makes everyone more productive. ..and that means more money and less headaches.     


Their are further next generation that also air-seals the wall simultaneously. All patent protected.

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Thank you.

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