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I designed a product originally called the painters crown and did a licensing agreement with a small company that is closing there doors,they never made me a dime,now it is a finished product.

You can view my original on how it works on you tube under painters crown or the latest version in plastic under brush buddy.

I need to find help with the funding to get a new injection mold and packaging.

I am going back to calling it the painters crown.

I have a utility patent and i own the trade mark for painters crown.

It is designed to keep the rim of the can clean while cleaning your brush in 2 wipes , designed for left and right handed painters and fits most 1 gal. paint cans.

you can also snap a lid on top for temporary storage overnight.

I have sold about 200 in aluminum and about the same in plastic so far.

everybody loves it but not sure where to go from here

Any thoughts would be welcome



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What about  Lance Hyde is doing that for the Cole-Bar Hammer.

Do a licensing agreement with Sherwin-Williams, etc?

Hi Mike

Thanks for the feedback

I contacted kickstarter and they said they dont do things like this whick kinda baffled me

Are there different versions of kick starter



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