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I paid for this and here is the script for free.

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Here is my story of how i'm going to try to patent my invention. Russ Weinzimmer and assoc. Are the first i've dealt with . HORRIBLE  These guys are scam artists. But i did find out who does their patent searches and maybe i can get it done cheaper than the $900 i paid Russ weinzimmer.  Legal zoom did a simple search for $300. I think the most important thing to remember is that it's all a scam but maybe you'll get lucky and win.

If you want to file a provisional trust me on this one .... You can save yourself a lot of time by paying $93 for the "Take 5" provisional course. Dave gives you his cell number and he actually answers the phone.  More info than i ever imagined and someone to hold my hand through the process. 

I like some of the things that stephen key from  inventright says ,but; i don't agree with shopping your idea with people signing  a non disclosure agreement.  I followed his plan in the beginning , thought my provisional was enough protection but  with all the snakes out there .... why take a chance. Even a lawyer / client relationship means nothing to me. By law they cannot reveal your idea ,however; they are crooks and will do what crooks do.  The reason i tell you this is not to discourage you from the process  but to remind you that when bad things happen in the process it is normal . Keep Truckin' , don't give up... unless your idea really sux . That's another topic.

Today i put my videos on Vimeo, $59.95 a year for the upgraded package . It's easy and i don't have to deal with youtube. I'm password protected on there . Time to go lawyer shopping.

I give up.

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