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Fellow Inventors,

It is called the Hardware Helper.  To see it, go to

We are fully patented and attended the Las Vegas Hardware Show last year, where we discovered that all the major distributors (Sears, Home Canada, Jensen) all loved it, and would definitely take orders.  Problem is the manufacturer we were trying to partner with was just to small and Ill equipped to take on rolling out a tool system that will sell all over the world... 

We need a large manufacturer that can handle injection molding, steel tool manufacturing, and all the other aspects of producing and marketing a revolutionary new tool system.  We are seeking a licensing/royalty deal, and have some other bites, but are hoping for more leads.  Please look at our tool system.  We have disabled the video but can redily supply one (and other information) to a manufacturer interested in a tool that performs dozens of tasks previously impossible.  A tool that installs just about any piece of hardware (hooks, swags, eye bolts, nails, tacks, screws) without the used of a ladder.  A tool that will not only impower home and apartment dwellers, but will be a must have for most professional trades people.  Our system is not a gimmick.  It works perfectly in prototype form and will work even better as finished product.  Again, it is a major revolution in tools and will one day be known as the Swiss Army Knife of tools...

Any leads, help, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Christian Chase


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Comment by Mike on December 22, 2011 at 2:57pm

Hello Christian,

I checked out your page.  Looks interesting.  Your video is there is out of commission.


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