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Introducing my new Drywall Tool, the TAPERMATE.

My TAPERMATE tool is really an environmentally frendly tool  The US alone produces nearly 50 billion square feet of gypsum drywall product each year.  When a wall board  is cut, the remnant portion ordinarily will be discarded due to lack of taper on the cut portion.  The 50 billion sqare feet of gypsum board equals 15 million tons of gypsum.  Approximately 12 percent of this new constructon drywall is wasted during installation.  Therefore, 1.8 million tons are scrapped each year in the US.  Much of this drywall is usable sized pieces that are discarded to avoid making butt joints.  This gypsum board scrap is hdden in wall cavities, buried in land fills or burned in incinerators.  Brning the gypsum produces toxic sulfur dioxide gas and burying can create toxic hydrogen sulfide gas.  Burning wallboard is illegal in California and Canada has numerous cities that ban gypsum scrap in land fills.  More are sure to follow.


TAPERMATE is a simple device that quickly transforms wall board butt cuts into factory-like tapered edges.  Using the tool, drywall contractors could save significant amounts of money per year in labor, materials and disposal fees.  

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Comment by Mike on January 23, 2013 at 1:43pm

I'll send this to my drywall contractor friends.


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