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OmniMmax Roofing System - "From Price to Protection - The Best"

OmniMax Roofing - The Evolution of Roofing


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Patented Self Adhering roofing system offers new meaning to the words simplicity, durability and protection.

Some of the benefits over all other systems include:

low cost

rapid install

use in any climate worldwide

uniform installation

will not tear

will not curl

aesthetically appealing

highest wind resistance available

completely hail resistant

90% reduction in leak potential

easily repaired or replaced

no need for warm to hot days to install

made from recycled material

eliminates ice damming

lighter weight

...AND MORE!!!

All of the listed benefits are provided with our singular system. This versus trade-offs of benefits with all other systems.


With 32 base colors to work from, there are hundreds of possible color combinations and styles to accent your property.


North American Innovation & Manufacturing Corporation (NAIM Corp) is currently seeking financial partners for the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of this product. Please view our webpage (link above) for contact information.


Listed as a top 100 innovation on the USA National Innovation Market Place.

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