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Hello Everyone

Allow me to introduce myself,My name is David T. Bootz

I am a self employed painting cont for 31 years and i hope i qualify to join your group.I have a product i designed which you can view at ,In my video they are shown in aluminum however i have them in plastic now and they work even better.They are made from chemical resistant plastic ,The painters crown is still being machined one unit at a time until i can find a company that still believes in keeping jobs in America.

The painters crown is designed to keep the rim of the can clean for a tight seal at the end of the job ,It cleans excess paint from your brush in 2 wipes,Works with everything from an artist brush to a 3 inch brush,Designed for left and right handed painters ,Eliminates splatter and build up on the brush ,

Basically it saves you time and material.

Anyone who wants to give me any feed back would be greatly appreciated.By the way my biggest selling point is when someone watches me use it and realizes that everything i said about the painters crown is true.

Look forward to all opinions good or bad.

Thanks in advance


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Comment by Tim on June 16, 2011 at 3:46am

Your URL link is not working...


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